About Me

Amazon Seller Virtual Assistant & WordPress Web Creator

First of all, I want to introduce myself to all. My name is Christian Cahapay but you call me Chan for short. A aspiring Filipino Amazon Seller VA and WordPress Web Creator.

Before I discover about Amazon Seller VA & WordPress, I am very desperate person when it comes in online business. I join different FB pages and different webinars (online seminars) like How to become an Amazon Virtual Assistant, how to become Real Estates Agents, Financial Advisors and also in Investing in Stocks, reading different Ebooks in exchange of your complete name and active email address, and guess if this helps me a lot? Yes, it helps me, helps me know what is Amazon VA, Real Estates, Financial Advisors and Investing Stocks but you can’t apply it all in yourself. It is very hard to apply all of that. JUST FOCUS ON 1 MARKET FIRST

So that I decided to join Amazon Seller Virtual Assistant Masterclass here in the Philippines and do a self-study about WordPress so that I can showcase my skills to my future clients. 




Educational Attainment

Amazon Seller Virtual Assistant
June 2020 - On going

The University of Manila
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
2011 - 2016

Work Experiences


I’m a part of Cheque Clearing Department for almost 1 year and 2 months and we do cheque process using system. 

I am very happy to be a part of this company because we treat each others like a family. Our mentors teach us how to work accurate, deliver the process correctly and also work as a team. 

This photo was taken during our monthly awarding.


I’m a part of Telesales Department for almost 1 year and 4 months and we do Credit Card Process. 

This is the multi-tasking work that I handled. 

We do offering credit cards in different branches,different peoples, call clients and once they are interested were now process their applications.

* I am also handle duplicate file checking for all the applicants using system and check if there are possible fraud.

* Weekly, monthly and annual report for all the applications we received online.

* Handling some IT stuff

I am very thankful to experience this kind of work because it helps me handle pressure and multi-task that I can offer for my future clients.