Hi, I'm CHAN
Amazon Seller Virtual Assistant|Product Sourcing & PPC/SEO Analyst
Ebook & Website Creator

My Services

Amazon Seller Virtual Assistant:

I am an Amazon Seller Virtual Assistant specialized in Product Research. I help Amazon Seller not only find product to sell in Amazon. I also help them analyze Product Data, Product Competition and Product demand.

Amazon Virtual Assistant Skills

Product Searching

As an Amazon Seller Product Researcher my duty is to find  a winning or potential product that can compete and bring my client a good profit.

Supplier Sourcing

Finding not only the best supplier but also a supplier that will meet all our expectations and requirements.

PPC/SEO Analyst

Helps you set up Campaigns & Analyze Keywords  Data.

My Digital Product:

Our product is an Ebook that helps you to build your own WordPress website in very easy and affordable way.  This is a Manual Instructions that you will apply  to have your own simple and presentable website or your business and etc… 

3 Basic nor Important things in building a Website

Domain & Hosting

Domain is your website name and Hosting is the place where your website’s files are restored. There are many Domain and Hosting service provider online and there you can purchase it.

Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress this  is a 100 % FREE and all you have to do is click it and wait until it’s finished.

Creating a Website

Creating or Customizing a Website is very very easy nowadays and it is the most exciting part of this tutorial. Why it is very easy? because, all you have to do is just DRAG, ADD, EDIT THE TEXT & CHANGE THE BACKGROUND as long as you want.

Tips: Don’t limit yourself to the information and knowledge about WordPress. Apply this Manual Instructions and watch diff types of vid tutorials in youtube for different themes.